Member Services

AM Networking Meetings—You will rub elbows with some of the nicest business people in the West Columbia Gorge, every Wednesday morning at various business locations! One of the benefits of your membership is participating in AM Networking Meetings, either by attending or by hosting. When you host an AM, you are the focus of the morning, and you get a chance to showcase your business establishment. When you attend an AM, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself and your guest(s), as well as bring your best marketing materials to hand out. Announcement time allows you to tell the group what specials or other news you have to share.

Our volunteer Business Ambassador will introduce himself/herself and challenge you to think about something that business owners might be struggling with. The “Challenge Question” has become a good learning time for all who attend.

Website Listing/Marketing Opportunities—Our newly reenergized website will have your business listed as part of your member benefit. Part of your business listing will include a free link to your business website. You are also included in our print directory published by Town Square Publications. As we train the general consumer about the value of looking to the chamber, being listed on a chamber website is a MUST for all businesses. The visitor center receives thousands of visitors during any given year. Some of them decide to come back time and time again. They have access to a computer where they can look up any business that we have on our database if we are not available to speak with them first. We continually refer guests back to our members.

Ads with reasonable price points will be available on our website. Contact our Membership Development Specialist at to make an appointment. Each business has a unique need and budget. We can work with you!

Board of Directors—Your leadership skills are needed! You will work with other caring leaders of the community whose sole purpose is to insure we are serving our business community at all levels. Our website will provide information in this area.

Committees—As with any non-profit organization, the Chamber relies on volunteers to make things happen. We offer all members the chance to help keep our chamber viable and relevant. You may choose from the following:

¨ Membership—Work side-by-side with our staff to keep ideas flowing and put feet to the planning, as we discover new and innovative ways to add to our member benefits. You will also be instrumental in aiding in ribbon cuttings, recruiting drives, and long-term planning. You may also be called upon to help with board member recruitment and training. Your talents will be put to good use. Come and be part of growing the Chamber!

¨ Economic Development—We are a diverse community and each of the industries that encompasses our area need representation as each progresses. And, PROGRESS is what it’s all about. It is imperative that we identify roadblocks and trends in the work force in order to improve the quality of life for all who live and work in the West Columbia River Gorge. These are exciting times, as industry standards are being developed. Join this committee to become aware and help bring awareness to the chamber membership.

¨ Events—”Events” is NOT a four-letter word! It is the end result of great minds that have come together to bring fun and fundraising to its fullest potential.  The West Columbia Chamber of Commerce partners with the City of Troutdale for two events each year, bringing “Troudalians” together for these fine community events. Chamber events also need nurturing. You can be a part of the creative process. Whether it is for fundraising for the Chamber or for downright, good old-fashion fun, you are welcome to bring your skills.

¨ Marketing/Tourism—Help get the word out about the Chamber and Visitor Center. Your expertise is vital in keeping on top of the latest and greatest methods of communicating with the membership, as well as the community!

Governmental Affairs—How do businesses and governmental agencies interact? You can help provide the answer. Working with this committee, you will meet leaders in our government and help bridge any gaps that may exist. You will help provide opportunities for governmental agencies and chamber members to come together at different venues throughout the year. Our calendar is wide open for you to get the ball rolling and impart knowledge and opportunities into our Chamber members.

¨ Financial Operations—Money is an important topic for any business. The Chamber is a business, too, and it requires financially-savvy people to help keep us running in the black, as well as providing sustainability into the future. Time commitment varies, depending on the task at hand.

¨ Nominating—Insuring continuity of our Chamber leadership and strategy is paramount to achieving longevity. We have to have to have continuous action or we tend to hiccup our through life. The life of a chamber is only as good as its leaders. Help bring about the kind of leadership that will make for long-term success!


Businesses and individuals who have the means to support the chamber really are major contributors. They shape what is possible or not for our chamber by providing the financial backing. We offer various opportunities to contribute as a sponsor. We also invite sponsors to participate in board or committee roles. We have the flexibility to shape a package for you as a sponsor. Make an appointment today by calling the office at (503) 669-7473.

Your financial investment in a chamber offers not only networking opportunities, but marketing, as well. Through our social media, we are able to reach people from all over the world! We amplify your voice. We strive to promote all that our businesses and non-profits are doing to engage the consumer.